Information Security Trends

Information Security Trends
Information Security Trends

Let’s have a look on current security trends which will show you the importance of information security. Just imagine, what happens online within every 60 seconds? Any guesses? No? Come on let’s see…

  1. YouTube: over 5 million videos viewed
  2. Facebook: 300K statuses are updated
  3. Twitter: 450K tweets
  4. Instagram: 68K photos upload
  5. Snapchat: 280K snaps
  6. Skype: 90K calls
  7. Email: 140 million emails + spams
  8. Google: 2.70 million searches
  9. WordPress: 2K posts
  10. Pinterest: 3.5K pins
  11. Amazon: 25K items purchased

This means there are so many opportunities for hackers/crackers to hack online. So here are some data breach incidents happened in the past time:

  1. Google Play Hack: Google play store’s system was made down by the Turkish Hacker twice. He uploaded the malware APK file to the google play store to test the vulnerability in the system, which caused DoS (Denial of Service) on Google Play.
  2. eBay data breach: During the eBay data breach 145 million user records were compromised and these records included email addresses, passwords, date of birth, and other personal information.
  3. JPMorgan data breach: During this data breach approximately 83 million users contact information was compromised. The reason for this data breach was attack on web applications.
  4. Snapchat data breach: Similarly, due to data breach on snapchat servers, 4.6 million users were affected

Data Breach Statistics

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