Introduction to Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions regex
Regular Expressions regex

Well, you are here because you are interested in learning Regular Expressions and this article will teach you what all you need to write time-saver regular expressions. If you don’t know anything about regular expressions then also this article will help you out because it starts with most basic steps.

What are Regular Expressions ?
Normally, regular expression is a pattern or special sequence of characters which is used to describe a certain amount of text. “Regex” is the abbreviation for the regular expressions. To search, or edit the text and data, regular expression can be used.

What are Regular Expression Engines ?
Package of software which is required to process regular expressions is known as Regular Expression Engine which try to match pattern with given string. All the expression engines are not compatible with each other because they are written in different programming languages. Syntax & behaviour of particular regular expression engine is called regular expression flavour. Various regular expression flavours are: Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Delphi, Java, .NET, Vb-script, and many more..

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