Why you are still Single?

Why you are still Single?
Why you are still Single?

Are you spending most of the weekends alone,  even when you’d rather not?. Then it’s a high time do some self exploration on a question “Why you are still single?”. There could be number of reasons behind this.

  1. Introvert/Shy nature
  2. Never Dated/proposed
  3. High expectations
  4. You are not Interactive
  5. You are very possessive
  6. Lack of understanding
  7. Poor at picking signals
  8. Still waiting for dream boy/girl
  9. Myth – love marriages doesn’t work
  10. You enjoy being single or alone
  11. You are afraid of to being ditched
  12. You are skeptical about commitment
  13. You are too lazy and love sleeping all time
  14. You don’t want to get into a long term relationship
  15. Your qualities are not highly in demand
  16. Career Oriented – You are too busy chasing your dreams
  17. You are too young and immature to handle relationships
  18. The person you have crush on doesn’t have a crush on you
  19. You think it’s stupid to be in a relationship at this age
  20. You think it is better to be single than be trapped in with the wrong person
  21. You think you can freely take your own decisions

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