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Steps to Performing an Internal Audit Effectively

Steps to Performing an Internal Audit

When effectively implemented, an internal audit can be considered as the most important tool to achieve corporate objectives by keeping a pulse on business processes and on the consistency of business practices. The goal of an internal audit is to...

GDPR lessons can help with CCPA Compliance

GDPR lessons can help with CCPA Compliance

In May 2018, to protect an individual right, the General Data Protection Regulation (“the GDPR”) outlined a new set of guidelines or rules for data collections, usage, and storage for the companies processing personal data. After the GDPR, the California...

Data Privacy

Data Privacy and its Importance

Privacy of data has always been important. All companies have data from financial data and payment details to contact information for employees and customers. Decisions are based on this data followed by employees to deliver quality products and services. In...

CCPA vs GDPR: Personal Scope

CCPA vs GDPR : Personal Scope

The CCPA and the GDPR both differ in several ways, specifically with regard to the scope of application; the nature and extent of collection limitations; and rules concerning accountability.

CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

The CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act

The CCPA is California Consumer Privacy Act that requires businesses to comply with the new regulations, regardless of where they are located. As of Jan 01, 2020, businesses across the globe will have to comply with the CCPA requirements.

Treat Passwords like your Underpants

Password Security

Your bank account. Your credit card number. Your email. Your social media profiles. Your personal data. Since the beginning of the digital age, we have bought into this idea that the password is sufficient to protect all this precious data....